Halve your colocation costs...


SOURCE at Digital Realty Redhill can halve your colocation and Internet costs.


  • Our agile, secure and always-on service allows service providers to benefit from the World’s largest data centre provider, whilst being just 25 minutes from Central London.


  • Connect directly to the Level 3 (now Century Link) backbone and benefit from access to financial markets and the Digital Realty eco-system.


  • SOURCE deliver colocation and Internet services exclusively to the service provider market powering your infrastructure needs.




  • 47u

  • 800mm wide

  • 1000mm deep

  • Combination lock

  • 32Amp (A+B) under-floor (800mm void) commando sockets

  • 10/100Mbps Internet Access

  • 5kW power use as standard

Just £695 per month and first three months entirely rent free​