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DDoS Mitigation

Stay up and Running.



Downtime is no longer an inconvenience. It can do serious harm to your brand, your productivity and your bottom line. Every minute your network is down is a minute you can’t connect with colleagues, customers or partners.

That’s why distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks must be prevented.


Together, SOURCE and Level 3 can help.

Why SOURCE & Level 3 DDoS Mitigation


  • Scalable Attack Ingestion Capacity: 

Level 3 currently has nine global scrubbing centres across three continents with 4.5Tbps of attack ingestion capacity.


  • Multi-Layered Attack Protection: 

Level 3 protection can extend beyond DDoS scrubbing, and include threat control through enhanced network routing, filtering and rate limiting. This approach provides relief from volumetric and application based attacks layers 3-7.


  • Carrier Agnostic Protection and Detection: 

Level 3 can re-route and scrub all Internet connections, not just Level 3 on-net capacity.


  • Global Footprint and Network depth: 

With the ability to access our mitigation network from over MPLS POPs globally, Level 3 can help provide increased performance and improved latency of cleansed, returned Internet traffic.


  • Proven Attack Traffic Visibility: 

Level 3’s global IP, CDN and DNS network provides Level 3 with extensive visibility into attack traffic and advancing threats.

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